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Marvelous marine life !

With clear water surrounding the islands, you will be able to dive during the entire year. It is easy to understand that this environment must be preserved: diving in the Seychelles is thus strictly controlled and it is forbidden to fish with a harpoon.


Marvelous marine life


Scuba diving in Seychelles


An archipelago made up of 116 islands !

An archipelago made up of 116 islands dotted over 400,000 Km², located 8,000 kms from France, the Seychelles enjoy more natural marine life reserves than any other country in the world.

A whole rainbow of colors, from turquoise blue of the transparent sea to emerald green of its luscious vegetation, not forgetting its golden fine-sanded beaches, the Seychelles Archipelago is a pearl necklace in the dark blue Indian Ocean case.

Magical islands...

The Seychelles enjoy an enormously varied wild and marine life: you can find magnificent fish in the Southern seas (more than 800 species,) as well as sea turtles and a host of brightly colored birds. The Seychelles are brimming with fruit, plants, as well as rare trees and vegetation.

This is where the well-known sea coconut with its erotic shapes can be found...


Coconuts in Seychelles



Hospitality and fun...

Hospitality and fun in Seychelles


Right in the middle of a preserved natural environment; the Seychelles are a young nation (Independent in 1976) with roughly 75,000 inhabitants who speak Creole, English and French.

If you leave the beaten tracks in the Seychelles, you will be able to find and appreciate the Creole population, well-known for its hospitality, its exotic cuisine and for its ever-lasting good mood in the midst of beautiful scenery.

It's up to you to try a romantic dip in the seaside, deserted beaches and walks in a heavenly decor!


Outside of the beaten path, in the heart of preserved environment...

Mahé, the main island, is an (unknown) paradise for hikers who are looking for a new experience: its many marked paths wind through the mountains, offering you sights where, most of the time, you will be alone in pristine nature.

The Seychelles Archipelago is brimming with fruit, plants, rare vegetation and trees.


Coconuts in Seychelles