SEYCHELLES Cruises: the destinations

The granite islands

The archipelago of the granitic islands constitutes the main islands of the Seychelles, they include Mahe, the most important, where is the capital Victoria. Then Pralin and the Digue, as well as other islands, smaller and more wild. These islands form the postcard of the Seychelles, they are the best known, and among the most beautiful.


From 7 days of cruising, here are 2 examples of circuit:

  • South East wind: Mahé - Silhouette - Praslin - Curieuse - La Digue - Mahé.
  • By North-West wind: Mahé - Praslin - Curieuse - Big sister - La Digue - Mahé.

For those who already know the main islands, half way to distant islands and main islands, we offer tours to Bird Island and Denis Island.


Outer islands

They deserve, since it takes at least 12 hours of navigation to get there: it is the destination of nature lovers and all those for whom to land on a desert island remains a fantasy ... there are 72 all built a barrier reef seated on an ancient volcano.


Archipelago of Amirantes, group Alphonse, Cosmoledo, Aldabra

So many names that will dream all their lives those who have had the chance to know them. deserted islands, wild nature and excesses are de rigueur. if you also accomplish your passion, fishing or diving, then ...


Granitics islands Seychelles


Outer islands Seychelles


Discover cruises in Seychelles


Seychelles Discovery Cruise

Bring your hotel to every island !

t is the cruise of those who discover the catamaran or the Seychelles islands. Discover a different island every night. After two to three hours of sailing a day, dock the most beautiful beaches. Practice sailing, deep-sea or fly fishing, snorkeling, diving.


Over a week, we propose the visit of the granitic:

Mahé, Pralin, La Digue, Curious, Little Sister, Big Sister, Silhouette. The circuit can be modified at any time according to your wishes: the skipper is there to indicate you the most beautiful places to visit. It will also tell you the best anchorage of the moment according to the weather, and in any case will confirm your choices while respecting the safety of the boat and its passengers.


Diving Cruise in the Seychelles

Baptism, initiation, improvement, exploration and formation.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Fred will accompany you to admire turtles, rays, barracudas, grouper, whale sharks, morays, napoleons and many other species.

Whether around the granite islands, or in the remote islands, the dives selected by Fred are among the most beautiful in the Indian Ocean.



  • 18 diving bottles, a 11m3/h compressor
  • Scuba diving equipment (jacket, regulators, octopus), numerous masks, fins, snorkels, combinations ...
  • Attachment 4,20m semi-rigid + HB 15CV Yamaha


Diving cruises in Seychelles


Fishing in Seychelles


Seychelles Fishing Cruise

Here, it's a matter of passion, your passion for fishing, and that of Fred. He will be happy to teach you these techniques.


Deep sea fishing

  • Carangues, sea bream, tuna, barracuda, swordfish sailboat.
  • 4 fishing rods.

Fly fishing

  • Bone fish, Permit, Jackfish and other pelagic fish ...
  • Cannes: 9FT floating silk of 8 and 10 for the lagoon, for wide flowing 12.
  • Flies: Flies a bones fish 6/8 type crazy charlie ...
  • For the Permit: small brown crabs.
  • Dress and accessories to be provided: full screen, polarizing glasses, trousers, long sleeved shirt, walking boot on the coral.